Partner With Us

PSR trust renders selfless service to the society through 6 major activities. Our goal is to transform our society by providing educational assistance to the financially challenged children,resolving the hunger of roadside dwellers,reducing the prevalence of malnutrition among CLHIV & children of poor socioeconomic status and providing extra care for the students in underdeveloped tribal areas & remote villages through tuition / coaching classes.
PSR trust strongly feels that partnerships are the only way to achieve sustainability.We believe in collaboration with companies having CSR initiatives in order to increase our reach to serve the maximum.
Join us to create a healthy,hunger- free,well educated society for our younger generation. For partnerships & CSR subsidizing openings, kindly write to

PSR Trust has been working with different institutions - schools, colleges, civil societies, coaching centers,arts & cultural centres etc,. for various campaigns and we realized that in different ways people can contribute according to their interest and potential. We recommend everyone to visit the services offered for a deeper sight into the ideas of PSR Trust.
If you are interested in any of these, do write to us at As an institute, you can collectively organize material collection camps/drives in your premises.
You can also organize Material collection for disaster and volunteering camps to participate in our projects.